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Villas Parque Mirador living experience coming in 2013

Pyrostegia venusta Background: Pyrostegia venusta

The villas are part of a unique and exclusive residential village on the sun soaked, southern shores of La Gomera named Santa Ana, characterised by organic farming, energy efficiency and sustainable living.

Close your eyes and think of waking up to blue skies and the infinite beauty of the Atlantic Ocean at your feet; where the tranquillity that surrounds your cliff top villa is broken only by the songs of birds in the fruit trees and the rustle of palm fronds in the gentle breeze. Breathe in the clean air; feel the energy of the ocean coursing through you and the warm caress of sunshine on your face, and smile at the dawn of your new life.

Welcome to Villas Parque Mirador, a unique living environment in which the beauty and purity of your surroundings blend with island traditions to create a natural paradise where nature and man live in perfect balance

Exterior Villa Parque Mirador Side View Villa Parque Mirador Interior Villa Parque Mirador Dining Area Villa Parque Mirador

Villas Parque Mirador amenities

First phase of the project consists of 8 detached villas of 120 to 320 m2 all built on 500 m2 plots, and designed in a contemporary canary architectural style.

Houses with 2 and 3 bedrooms, modern kitchens, large gardens, private swimming pools, wooden porches, separate garages and a host of convenient details. The Villas have a maximum of 2 floors high to guarantee optimal insertion in nature and benefit from great unobstructed ocean views.

Light space and gardens were in focus at the planning of all units, creating large and bright spaces while maintaining the essence of local architecture. The villas have lush gardens each one including Canary palms and selected fruit trees and blend perfectly within the landscape as rural homes do maintaining the essence of Santa Ana.

Conveniently located in front of the east entrance of the new “Parque Mirador”. Parque Mirador is 75,000 sm2 organic agriculture themed park with nice Miradors and enchanted walks. The park contains many local species as well as local veggies, where residents are invited to grow them as part of a living experience.

Huertos de Santa Ana Huertos de Santa Ana

As an added benefit from been an owner at Parque Mirador is the right to enjoy your own allotments or as we called “Huertos de Santa Ana”. TFSA has developed this small garden and retreat area in a plot right below Parque Mirador Villas for the prospective neighbours at Santa Ana to enjoy the social benefits that emerge from urban organic agricultural practices. See pictures

These have been long proved mainly been a better health and nutrition because of the organic diet the benefits of the enhanced community social life, improving the livelihood of people living in and around cities.

Download information of Villas & Plans

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Villa 7 & 8 Small (Coming in 2014) | Plans |
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