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Santa Ana is a unique and exclusive residential village characterized by organic farming, energy efficiency and sustainable living.

keeping with the agricultural traditions of the island, Parque Mirador which is set to open in 2014 is landscaped to reflect the variety of the island’s natural flora and includes a fruit farm with trails through the orchards, and benches on which to enjoy the serenity and the perfumed air. See Parque Mirador Pictures

Along the headland, a leisurely path follows the line of the cliffs with Mount Teide, Spain’s highest mountain located on the neighboring island of Tenerife, on the horizon. Walk the Virtual Tour of Santa Ana

Watch as the sunrise casts the mountain’s outline into silhouette and the sunset spills its crimson dye over the distinctive, triangular shape rising above its halo of clouds, creating a backdrop of breathtakingly surreal beauty. Terra Fortunata Plan has been to develop slowly but carefully Santa Ana maintaining the essence of la Gomera and caring of every detail. See Santa Ana Pictures

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Santa Ana is a 350,000 square m2 masterplan which plans several cozy hotels, residential complexes and small shopping mall featuring restaurants and specialty shops.

The first phase of Santa Ana is composed by an english stylish Hotel “Balcones de Santa Ana” along with wood made Apartments “Santa Ana“. Two new small developments Villas Parque Mirador and los Mangos are set to open in 2013, in 2013 the local Government of la Gomera is opening a beautiful Canary Islands traditional style residence for elders with beautiful allotments and gardens open to the public. See Santa Ana Master plan and featured developments.

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