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Welcome to the Santa Ana Pressroom, here you will find all of the photo galleries, videos, news and downloadable content available for the Santa Ana Development, we will keep this updated to ensure you have the latest information at hand.

Photo Galleries

Below is a selection of photo galleries from La Gomera, Santa Ana, Parque Mirador, Playa Santiago, Punta Negra and from Terra Fortunata, please click on an gallery you wish to view. Gallery La Gomera photos courtesy of the Tourist Department from the La Gomera Council.

Download information of Villas, Plans, Project

Below are all of the latest brochures and plans for the Santa Ana Development and Villas Parque Mirador. Please note that you will need Adobe PDF Reader to view these documents if you cannot open these files download the latest version HERE.

Villa-Number-1.pdf (3134k) Coming in 2013
Villa-Number-2.pdf (3226k) Coming in 2013
Villa-Number-3.pdf (3098k) Coming in 2013
Villa-Number-4.pdf (3563k) Coming in 2013
Villa-Numbers-5-and-6-small.pdf (3089k) Coming in 2014
Villa-Numbers-5-and-6-large.pdf (3551k) Coming in 2014
Villa-Number-7-and-8-small.pdf (3079k) Coming in 2014
Villa-Number-7-and-8-large.pdf (3423k) Coming in 2014
brochure-villas-pq-mirador.pdf (9159k) Coming in 2014
flyer-villas-parque-mirador-new.pdf (1788k) Coming in 2014
postales-santa-ana.pdf (1400k) Coming in 2014


The video below has been made to show the proposed layout for Parque Mirador Villa Numbers 4,5,6 and 8. For more videos please have a look at our Official Youtube Channel.

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