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About Terra Fortunata S.A.

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Terra Fortunata S.A. (TFSA) is a subsidiary of a Norwegian Investing Group. TFSA owner Petter Olsen’s family has been investing in La Gomera for over 100 years.

TFSA offices are located in Alajero. The company mission is to develop and care for and this unique part of earth by creating an environmentally friendly destination where residential projects are surrounded by agricultural lots, parks fruit trees and walking paths overlooking the ocean.

TFSA has been involved in the design of many of the developments in Playa Santiago. Our commitment has been to preserve the essence of local Canary Islands traditional architecture and maintain the true flavor of this cozy village.

Some examples of this conjunct efforts with other local developers and public entities has been the Terra Fortunata financing of traditional designs for the local gas Station, the harbor walk or the local old people retirement home, Terra Fortunata main offices and the local Coastal Walk.

Petrol Station by Terra Fortunata S.A. Retirement Home by Terra Fortunata S.A. Terra Fortunata S.A. Main Office Coastal Walk by Terra Fortunata S.A.

Petter Olsen Message

Petter Olsen

“My family has had an enduring relationship with La Gomera starting in the early 20th Century. Our story was a classic case of adventurous Norwegian mariners eying opportunities to grow subtropical fruit and vegetables and open up the market in the northern parts of Europe. This of course had to include shipping routes.

My father had many happy years on the island, and from my childhood I have grown to love it. La Gomera is accessible but somehow spared the madness of modern mass tourism. Its population is small and friendly, its scenery spectacular, and the pace reassuringly free from stress.

I have made it my ambition to share this treasure with those who can see its value. My dream was to develop Santa Ana to enable the development of hotels, private properties and a range of accommodation that will appeal to the discerning traveler. Build quality, materials and aesthetics are key issues for me. Buildings must compliment the landscape, not fight it. I hope we can persuade you to become a lifelong friend of the island and be a future resident at Santa Ana. ”

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Petter Olsen

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