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Villas Parque Mirador, Santa Ana

Villas Parque Mirador, La Gomera

Welcome to Villas Parque Mirador in La Gomera, a unique living experience in which the beauty and purity of your surroundings blend with island traditions to create a natural paradise where nature and man live in perfect balance.

The villas are part of a unique and exclusive residential village named Santa Ana characterized by organic farming, energy efficiency and sustainable living

South of La Gomera’s sunny year round climate it s one of the best in the islands; its natural environment, organic produce and traditional way of life provide the perfect setting for a balanced lifestyle. Villas Parque Mirador take all that natural beauty and goodness and place it inside a safe and welcoming community of like minded people who care for their environment, care for their world. People who live and love La Gomera.

About Santa Ana

About Santa Ana

The villas are part of a unique and exclusive residential village in the islands of la Gomera named Santa Ana characterised by organic farming, energy efficiency and sustainable living. In keeping with the agricultural traditions of the island, a main park called Parque Mirador is landscaped to reflect the variety of the island’s natural flora and includes a fruit farm with trails through the orchards, and benches on which to enjoy the serenity and the perfumed air. Read more about Santa Ana

Why move to Santa Ana?

Why move to Santa Ana? A healthy life under the sun!

Villas Parque Mirador in Santa is not simply a place in the sun, it’s an opportunity to become a part of the island you have chosen to make your home and live a healthy life. For those who want to invest some of their time and energy into the organic goodness of the soil in order to reap the benefits of its nutrition, each of the villas has a small plot of land available in which to grow organic fruit and vegetables with expert help and advice on hand from local gardeners. Read more about Santa Ana Living Experience


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